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Krieg Death Riders

    Krieg Death Riders
    Color and paint schemes

    We’ve completed a small yet exciting project: a striking Death Korps of Krieg Death Riders Squadron. The cavalry consists of 15 riders and their mounts, all painted at the Game level with matching bases.

    The color scheme for the riders combines dark metal armors and red garments, while the mounts wear leather straps and gear with armor in the same metallic tone. Horses have various coat colors, ranging from whites and grays to browns. Additionally, both riders and mounts sport lilac lenses, adding a vibrant contrast to the desaturated scheme.

    The miniature bases, on the other hand, depict a devastated and dusty city, with remnants of a battle fought not long ago. To achieve a realistic and worn appearance, we applied aging techniques such as rust on the armors and weathering on the miniatures’ garments.
    The challenge of this project lay in capturing the warlike and ruthless spirit of the Death Korps of Krieg. Therefore, we employed painting techniques that accentuate the battle-hardened and worn look of these combat forces, such as dirt stains and mud splatters.

    In summary, this contingent of Krieg Death Riders is an imposing and menacing sight, yet another testament to the talent and dedication of our Art-W Studio team at every miniature painting level. We’re proud to have captured the ferocity and bravery of these warriors and their mounts in miniature, and we hope they inspire others in their own Warhammer universe adventures.


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    Krieg Death Rider

    Customer briefing

    I have some riders to paint

    When I faced the task of painting my Death Korps of Krieg army, I realized I didn’t have the necessary time to do the job myself. So, after researching and finding your amazing work, I decided you would be the perfect team to handle this initial squad of Krieg Death Riders, and if satisfied with the results, continue sending more miniatures.

    I ask you to maintain the color scheme with dark metal armors and red garments but add a shadowy touch that reflects the spirit of the Korps of Krieg. I would like to see miniatures with wear and aging, and bases showing the remains of a dusty city after the battle, with debris and signs of combat.

    Also love for you to incorporate details such as rust on the armors, weathering on the garments, and dirt effects on weapons and mounts. I am convinced that, thanks to your skill and experience, you will achieve amazing miniatures.

    Krieg Death Rider General shot of the cavalry

    General shot of the cavalry, painted at Game level

    Daily follow-up, Cavalry arrives

    At Art-W Studio, we take pride in adapting to our clients’ needs, and this Krieg Death Riders project has been an excellent opportunity to showcase our versatility. The client already had part of their army painted and bases decorated, so our goal was to maintain coherence within the set while adding our distinctive touch to enhance it.

    During the process, we focused on making the color scheme of the miniatures stand out even more, highlighting the details in the armors and garments. We introduced aging and weathering techniques to enhance the rugged look of the Death Riders and their mounts, making each piece convey a sense of authenticity and experience on the battlefield.

    As for the bases, we strived to make them more eye-catching and interesting, without deviating from the client’s original style.

    Krieg Death Rider process

    Krieg Death Rider Krieg Death Rider Krieg Death Rider Krieg Death Rider Krieg Death Rider Krieg Death Rider Krieg Death Rider Krieg Death Rider Krieg Death Rider Krieg Death Rider Krieg Death Rider Krieg Death Rider Krieg Death Rider

    Krieg Death Riders

    Krieg Death Riders, Game levell

    Krieg Death Riders: Sergeant with power sword

    Sergeant with power sword, Game level

    Krieg Death Riders: Krieg rider

    Krieg rider, level Game

    Krieg Death Riders Sergeant & Rider

    Sergeant & Rider, Game level

    Krieg Death Riders Death Rider with power fist

    Death Rider with power fist, Game level

    Krieg Death Riders

    Art-W Studio’s work on my Krieg Rough Riders has been outstanding! The detail and quality are amazing; I can’t wait to commission more miniatures!


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