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Lumineth Army

    Lumineth Army
    Color and paint schemes

    This latest project takes us beyond the shadows of Warhammer 40k, immersing us in the brilliance of Age of Sigmar with an imposing army of Lumineth. A tale of elven heroes, led by the great Teclis, who defy the forces of chaos on a wooded plane.
    The deployment of this army is colossal, with 27 types of miniatures, each carefully selected to bring our customer’s vision to life. From the swift Hurakan Windchargers to the majesty of Avalenor, each piece has been assembled with precision, shaping an unstoppable force.
    But what makes this project truly unique is the color palette we’ve woven into every corner. Inspired by Lumineth’s Battletome, the robes in deep, celestial blues, highlighted with white and accents of silver and gold, transform these miniatures into a symphony of light and shadow. The bases, framed in a wooded world, reinforce the narrative, merging art with fantasy.
    We didn’t settle for ordinary; we elevated the game with 3D printed elements, adding layers of detail and complexity. From the first brush stroke to the final coat of varnish, each stage has been masterfully executed, taking this project to new heights.


    ✻ Age of Sigmar

    ✼ Lumineth Army

    ✻ Assembly

    ✼ Painting

    ✻ Basing

    ✻ Magnetizing

    Ejército Lumineth

    Customer briefing

    The Elven Call to Artistic Mastery

    This fascinating journey began with a message, a virtual flash that connected us with a passionate collector of miniatures. Through the networks, this virtual warrior, fervent lover of Age of Sigmar, discovered our trail of brushes and talent. Impressed by our work on Warhammer 40k, he decided to entrust us with his vision of a Lumineth army.
    His wish was clear: he wanted a complete army, from the swift Hurakan Windchargers to the imposing Avalenor, immersed in the blue and white splendor of the Lumineth Battletome. But that’s not where the requests ended; he wanted each miniature to tell a story in the wooded setting he envisioned, with 3D elements to add a touch of complexity.
    A true tabletop strategist, this client challenged us to capture the essence and character of each unit. His detailed vision and appreciation for miniature art inspired us to accept the challenge, promising to take his Lumineth army beyond expectations. Join us in this story, where virtual connection unleashes the magic of creation!

    Ejército Lumineth

    Part of the project Ornate level

    The Gleam of Light in the Darkness

    Day by day, we have documented every phase, every brushstroke that has brought this extraordinary army to life.
    From the exciting beginning, where Pau, Ruben, Adam and Dani immersed themselves in the assembly of the miniatures, to the addition of Pedro, Mar and Lucian to speed up the process, each image is a window into the evolution of this project.
    The photos will transport you into the workshop, where Lumineth’s Battletome color scheme comes to life. Meticulous attention to detail, from fine piping to face lighting, unfolds before your eyes. And yes, we also share the story behind Adam and Mar’s collaboration on the majestic creation of the Teclis base.
    This is not just a visual diary; it’s an experience that immerses you in the art, strategy and dedication involved in bringing a Lumineth army to life. Join us as we unveil each chapter of this epic artistic journey.

    Ejército Lumineth

    Lumineth Army Lumineth Army Lumineth Army Lumineth Army Lumineth Army Lumineth Army Lumineth Army Lumineth Army Lumineth Army Lumineth Army Lumineth Army Lumineth Army Lumineth Army Lumineth Army Lumineth Army Lumineth Army Lumineth Army

    Ejército Lumineth

    Alarith Spirit of the mountain, Ornate

    Ejército Lumineth

    Scinari Cathallar, Ornate level

    Ejército Lumineth

    Hurakan Spirit of the wind, Ornate level

    Ejército Lumineth

    Vanari bladelords, Ornate

    Ejército Lumineth

    The light of Eltharion, Ornate level

    Ejército Lumineth

    Finally my Druchii look as they deserve! They adapted to my instructions, and the result was spectacular. I will repeat.


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