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Mexican Astra Militarum

    Mexican Astra Militarum
    esquema de color y pintado

    At Art-W Studio, we believe in the magic of customisation. This time, we got a truly unique commission: an Astra Militarum army, inspired by the Mexican Cristero War. Each miniature, from the imposing custom Lord Solar to the brave Rough Riders, was meticulously crafted to reflect this historic battle.

    This project has undoubtedly been one of our most extensive to date, integrating a variety of miniatures including Ursula Creed, 60 shock troops, 10 Karskyn, and much more. Each figure has been carefully assembled and painted, with colour schemes inspired by the French troops of the First World War and based on the three paint levels we offer.

    The miniature bases, decorated to reflect the WWI trench scene, offer an authentic touch, with 3D printed elements depicting agave plants and tequila bottles.

    But perhaps the most exciting aspect of this project is the level of detail that has been achieved, such as the stunning Mexican sombrero that adorns our Rough Riders and Lord Solar. This is not just a Warhammer project, it is a journey through history, a tribute to the past and a manifestation of creativity.


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    Mexican Astra Militarum army

    Customer briefing

    Astra militarum, the Cristeros War.

    It is serendipity that often leads enthusiasts to find each other. On this occasion, Clint, a Warhammer 40,000 veteran and devotee, stumbled upon Art-W Studio in a casual conversation on one of his favourite strategy forums. An admirer of our previous work, he contacted us with a project that captured our imagination.

    Clint wanted to recreate in miniature the bravery and resilience of the Cristeros during the Cristero War in Mexico, a historical period that always fascinated him. While he wanted to keep the essence of the Astra Militarum, he was very clear about his desire to customise his army with a colour scheme that resembled the French troops of World War I. He wanted to create a colour scheme that would resemble the French troops of the First World War.

    In addition to this specific colour palette, Clint asked us to bring the fighting in the trenches to life. He wanted to see his miniatures fighting in a unique environment, with 3D printed elements, such as agave plants and tequila bottles, that characterised the battle environment. His dream was to have miniatures that represented both the Warhammer 40,000 universe and his love for Mexican history. And that’s where we, at Art-W Studio, came into play.

    Photo of part of the project

    Photo of part of the project, Game, Ornate and Premium level

    Unique customisation of the imperial guard army

    The process of bringing Clint’s project to life has been a journey full of challenges and discoveries. Throughout each stage, we have shared daily photographs with Clint to keep him up to date. Starting with the meticulous selection of the colour palette that would reflect the French troops of World War I, to the addition of 3D elements.

    Agave plants and tequila bottles were created and incorporated into the bases, each carefully painted to emulate the Cristero War environment. The Astra Militarum figures were painted with great attention to detail, maintaining historical authenticity and the essence of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

    Finally, when assembling the army, Clint’s vision, his love for history and Warhammer 40,000 could be appreciated. Each miniature and base told a story, and we at Art-W Studio are proud to be able to bring these stories to life through our skill and creativity. 

    Mexican Astra Militarum assembling and painting process

    Mexican Astra Militarum Mexican Astra Militarum Mexican Astra Militarum Mexican Astra Militarum Mexican Astra Militarum Mexican Astra Militarum Mexican Astra Militarum Mexican Astra Militarum Mexican Astra Militarum Mexican Astra Militarum

    Ogryns and Ordnance Teams

    Ogryns and Ordnance Teams, Ornate

    Ogyns & Bullgryns

    Ogyns & Bullgryns, Ornate level

    Heavy Weapons teams

    Heavy Weapons teams, Game level

    Mortars and cadian shoock trops

    Mortars and cadian shoock trops, Game

    Rought Riders

    Rought Riders, Ornate

    Mexican Astra Militarum painted miniatures

    Incredible! Between these and the previous batches, they’ll be a bit scary on the tabletop xD.


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