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White Scars Army

    White Scars Army
    Color and paint schemes

    We are proud to present our latest dazzling project: an epic expansion of a White Scars army for Warhammer 40,000. This particular project was focused on boosting the army’s motorised fleet, including rear-propelled units and support tanks.

    The newly assembled arsenal consists of a series of meticulously painted miniatures that look ready to do battle in a war-torn world. The miniatures are a set of 3 Primaris Raiders, 9 Space Marine Motorcycles, 3 Attack Bikes, 1 Invader Quad, 1 Khan on a motorbike with a sword, 1 Khan on a motorbike with a spear, 1 Whirlwind, 1 Predator Annihilator, 1 Vindicator, and 10 Vanguard Veterans.

    The painting process involved carefully following the colour scheme we originally created for this army. The armour, now worn and chipped from endless battles, was dyed a pure white. Edges and weapons are highlighted with a bold red, while the iconic symbols of the White Scars adorn each piece.

    To top it off, each miniature was mounted on custom-made bases to mimic a desolate road. The cracks and vegetation emerging from the ruins suggest a convincing image of a road that has been desolated by war. This scenario provides a visual spectacle of the White Scars speeding along the roads of war, ready to take the battle to their enemies.


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    White Scars Army painted miniatures

    Customer briefing

    I want new units for my white scar army.

    Our relationship with this client is not new. He discovered us some time ago and was impressed with the level of detail and quality of our work. When he decided to expand his White Scars army for Warhammer 40,000, he knew we were the team to trust with the task.

    The brief was clear: he wanted to add more motorised units, rear-propelled troops and support tanks to his army. In addition, he insisted on maintaining consistency with the colour scheme we had already designed in his previous commission, giving the impression that the armour had been worn down by fierce battles and the passage of time.

    A special request was for the bases of the miniatures to simulate war-torn roads, as if the troops had been speeding along the roads of the Empire for years. I also wanted one of the heroes on a motorbike, the sword-wielding Khan, to be reminiscent of his past with the Death Watch forces.

    White Scars Army - General photo of the project

    General photo of the project, level Ornate

    Design and Details: The White Scars Army Development

    From the start of the project, enthusiasm filled our workshop. We assembled all the miniatures on arrival and soon began airbrushing and brushwork, based on the colour scheme we had already established with this client.

    Our team of painters distributed the work: one was in charge of the motorised units, another of the robust tanks, another of the rear-propelled foot units, and the last one was dedicated to the heroic horsemen.

    The motorbikes, the heart of the army, received special treatment. Their bases depicted destroyed roads, with brush and road signs, testimony to the passage of time and the devastation of war.

    The sword-wielding Khan, a former member of the Death Watch forces, wore the colours and iconography of the Ordo Xenos forces on his motorbike and left arm, a detail that certainly adds depth to his story.

    White Scars Army assembling and painting process

    White Scars Army White Scars Army White Scars Army White Scars Army White Scars Army White Scars Army White Scars Army White Scars Army White Scars Army White Scars Army White Scars Army White Scars Army White Scars Army White Scars Army

    White Scars Army - White Scars Predator

    White Scars Predator, Ornate

    White Scars Army - Attack bike

    Attack bike Ornate

    White Scars Army - Vanguard veterans

    Vanguard veterans Ornate

    White Scars Army - White Scars Outriders

    White Scars Outriders Ornate

    White Scars Vanguard Veteran Sergeant

    Vanguard Veteran Sergeant Ornate

    White Scars painted miniatures

    Incredible! Between these and the previous batches, they’ll be a bit scary on the tabletop xD.


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