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    At Art-W Studio, we delve into the challenging world of the Salamanders Space Marines, bringing to life an army that honors its legacy in every brushstroke.

    This army is composed of a wide variety of miniatures, from the versatile Intercessors to the lethal Eradicators. In total, we painted a diverse set that includes Heavy Intercessors, Hellblasters, Bladeguard Veterans, a Primaris Apothecary, Primaris Inceptors, Primaris Eradicators and a Primaris Techmarine. Each of these figures was painted with great attention to detail. In particular, we immersed ourselves in a delicate stripping process to breathe new life into the Apothecary and make sure it looked flawless.

    The color scheme is essential to this project. We faithfully respected the iconic deep green and black of the Salamanders, but added our own distinctive touch. The armor is highlighted with vibrant greens, while the black weapons and details add a stunning contrast. But this is where the magic really comes to life: the energy weapons, with their blue glow effects that seem to be born from the very lava of Nocturne, and the iconic Salamanders insignia in carmine red, glowing on the shoulder pads.

    The bases are a spectacle apart. Set in a world of fiery magma, they have been carefully crafted with yellow-orange crackle and OSL effects, evoking the image of warriors walking on lava. The level of detail is astounding, with ornate painting for the heroes and a level of play for the rest of the army.


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    Space Marines

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    Customer briefing

    The unexpected call of the Salamanders

    an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the amazing universe of Warhammer 40,000. Our client, a Space Marine fanatic, approached us with an exciting project.

    This passionate fan wanted to bring his own chapter of miniature Salamanders to life. He wanted a shock force that reflected the ferocity and honor of the sons of Vulcan, the warriors of Nocturne. With a classic color scheme in mind, he challenged us to create an army that would stand out on the battlefield.

    Details were crucial to our client. He provided us with pre-painted miniatures for reference and asked us to adhere as closely as possible to his colors, yet with the freedom to add our distinctive touch. In addition, he commissioned us to do the unpainting of one particular miniature, the Primaris Apothecary, which needed a complete reset due to multiple layers of paint and damage.


    Complete shot of the project in Game and Ornate level

    Rebirth of a hero

    When the miniatures arrived at our studio, they were all in excellent condition, except for the Primaris Apothecary. This hero needed special attention due to multiple layers of paint and damage. So, with patience and precision, we performed a thorough alcohol stripping process to get him in perfect condition.

    Our experienced painter, Pedro, took the lead on the project. He started by priming in red and applying the first coats of green with airbrush to all the army miniatures. In addition, he carefully prepared the Bladeguard helmets and the Apothecary armor in white, following the client’s specifications.

    The bases, without a doubt, represented one of the biggest challenges. Crackle paint control is an art in itself, but we were able to get the cracks crisp and realistic. We applied a coat of black paint mixed with satin varnish to ensure better adhesion and prevent them from peeling off.

    Salamanders Salamanders Salamanders Salamanders Salamanders Salamanders Salamanders Salamanders Salamanders Salamanders Salamanders Salamanders Salamanders


    Apothecary & Bladeguard, Game and Ornate level


    Intercessors, Ornate level


    Apothecary, Ornate level


    Apothecary, Bladeguards, Erradicators in Game & Ornate level


    Inceptor, Game level


    Thank you very much, everything turned out great.


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