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Slaanesh Army

    Slave to Darkness
    Color and paint schemes

    Join us in the exciting project we have recently completed! We have brought to life an army of Hedonites of Slaanesh, true to the classic colours of this faction and focused on melee combat. This parade of demonic horrors consists of a Sigval, Prince of Slaanesh, a mighty Keeper of Secrets, and a multitude of Slickblades seekers, Blissbarb seekers and Slaangors fiendbloods.

    Our team took care of the whole project, from the assembly of the Warhammer miniatures to the meticulous painting of every detail. Working at an Ornate level for the units and reaching the Premium level for the two commanders.

    The colour scheme chosen was a perfect contrast of purple tones for the clothing, with tanned skins for the human miniatures and greyish and violet tones for the demons. The bases, on the other hand, feature a reddish desert design, enriched with 3D bits that recreate a buried classical city and Greek ruins, all tinged with the demonic corruption of Slaanesh.


    ✻ Warhammer AoS

    ✻ Slaanesh

    ✻ Assembly

    ✻ Painting

    ✻ Basing

    ✻ 3D printing

    Slaanesh Army painted miniatures

    Customer briefing

    I want to start a Hedonites of Slaanesh army.

    The client introduced himself to us as a true Warhammer lover and Hedonites of Slaanesh enthusiast.

    His brief was clear: a melee-focused army, led by the Prince of Slaanesh, Sigval, and a formidable Keeper of Secrets.

    The setting was to evoke a classic city buried in an arid desert, with the excesses of Slaanesh visible in every detail. He insisted on the traditional purple tones of the faction and requested 3D details for the bases, bringing an atmosphere of ancient decadence.

    For commanders, he ordered our premium paint level, ensuring they stand out as true leaders on the battlefield.

    Slaanesh Army - General picture of the project

    General picture of the project Ornate and Premium level

    Slaanesh’s lust

    Our journey with this project was truly exciting. We started by assembling the units, separating horsemen from cavalry and keeping parts of the commanders removed to facilitate painting.

    We then created two samples: a Slaangor, symbolising the human units, and a Slaanesh steed to represent the demons. After the client’s approval, we started painting all the units, leaving the commanders for last.

    It was especially exciting to work with the new seeker miniatures, which turned out to be much bigger than expected. Practically twice as big as their Warhammer Fantasy predecessors.

    Assembling and painting process of Slaanesh Army

    Slaanesh Army Slaanesh Army Slaanesh Army Slaanesh Army Slaanesh Army Slaanesh Army Slaanesh Army Slaanesh Army Slaanesh Army Slaanesh Army Slaanesh Army Slaanesh Army Slaanesh Army Slaanesh Army Slaanesh Army Slaanesh Army

    Slaanesh Army - Slaangors fiendbloods

    Slaangors fiendbloods Ornate

    Slaanesh Army - Sigval prince of Slaanesh

    Sigval prince of Slaanesh, Premium

    Slaanesh Army - Blissbarb seeker

    Blissbarb seeker Ornate

    Slaanesh Army - Slickblades seekers

    Slickblades seekers Ornate

    Slaanesh Army - Slaangor fiendbloods

    Slaangor fiendbloods Ornate

    Slaanesh Army painted miniatures

    Thanks a ton, it was a pleasure doing business with you guys. Please extend my thanks to the whole team.


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