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T’au Empire Army

    T’au Empire Army
    Color and paint schemes

    In our latest project at Art-W Studio, we have had the pleasure of working with an army of the dynamic and futuristic T’au Empire. This army has been set in a destroyed urban world, using the classic ochre colors of the T’au enclave.
    We started the project as usual, painting a sample miniature to make sure we met the client’s expectations. While awaiting approval, we set about assembling and magnetizing the Stormsurge, the only miniature that needed assembly. Once the sample was approved, we applied the ochre base to the entire army with an airbrush.
    The selected color scheme combines ochre armor with details in bone and red, and metallic parts in desaturated and dark tones, giving it a grimdark look. For the bases, we chose to represent crumbling tiles from a devastated urban environment, using cork to simulate the textures.
    The team of painters divided the tasks: some focused on highlighting the volumetry of the T’au armors, inspired by the Mecha robots of the Japanese series. Others were dedicated to the Kroot Carnivores, painting their skin in a dark, almost black tone. A third painter worked exclusively on the bases, making sure they would be ready by the time the miniatures were finished.
    The process included brush painting details, defining with oils and adding highlights with fluor. The most challenging part was getting the bases to reflect both the classic desert and the ruined urban environment. In addition, the flying miniatures were delivered without bases, as the client wanted them transparent.


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    T’au Empire Army

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    Ejército Imperio T'au

    Customer briefing

    The T’au Empire Army in all its splendor

    Our client got to know Art-W Studio through recommendations on specialized Warhammer forums. Fascinated by the quality of our work, he decided to contact us for a special commission: an army of the T’au Empire with a specific color scheme and a unique setting.
    He wanted the army to follow the classic T’au enclave scheme, with ochre armor, bone and red details, and metal parts in dark, desaturated tones. In addition, he requested that the bases represent a destroyed urban world, using crumbling tiles to emphasize the war environment.
    A special request was for a different treatment for the Kroot Carnivores, with a dark almost black skin, and for the flying miniatures to have no bases, as he preferred to use transparent bases. With these details clear, we started working on the project, making sure to meet each of the client’s expectations.

    Ejército Imperio T'au

    General picture of the project Game, Ornate & Premium level

    Broken Sills and Tiles: Creating a Devastated World

    The process of creating this T’au Empire army was documented step by step to keep the customer always informed. We started by assembling and magnetizing the Stormsurge, the only miniature that required assembly. Then, we applied the ochre base color to all the units with an airbrush.
    We divided the miniatures among the painters: some focused on the volumetric details of the T’au armor, while others worked on the Kroot Carnivores, painting them with a dark, almost black skin. A third painter worked on the bases, constructing crumbling tiles that simulate a crumbling urban environment.
    Daily, we sent photos to the client, showing each stage of the process, from the application of the bases to the finishing touches with brush and oils. Fluor luminous details added a special glow to the miniatures, enhancing their aesthetics.
    The client was delighted with the progress and provided valuable feedback throughout the project. The main challenge was to capture the grimdark essence while maintaining the classic color scheme. In the end, we achieved a spectacular result that met all the client’s expectations.

    Ejército Imperio T'au

    T'au Empire Army T'au Empire Army T'au Empire Army T'au Empire Army T'au Empire Army T'au Empire Army T'au Empire Army T'au Empire Army T'au Empire Army T'au Empire Army T'au Empire Army T'au Empire Army T'au Empire Army T'au Empire Army T'au Empire Army T'au Empire Army T'au Empire Army

    Ejército Imperio T'au

    Kv128 Stormsurge, Ornate level

    Ejército Imperio T'au

    Cadre Fireblade Game

    Ejército Imperio T'au

    Pathfinder Game

    Ejército Imperio T'au

    XV88 Broadside Battlesuit, Game

    Ejército Imperio T'au

    Kroot Carnivores, Game

    Ejército Imperio T'au

    The whole process has been an absolute pleasure. What really stands out to me is the communication with the Art-W team.


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