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World Eaters Army

    World Eaters Army
    Color and paint schemes

    We have just finished an epic painting miniatures project at Art-W Studio: an impressive army of World Eaters. This project has been quite a challenge, but the final result is truly spectacular. The army features a wide variety of infantry troops and a terrifying Forgefiend unit. An aesthetic based on the original red and gold scheme, but with a much more bloodthirsty and scary look. The key to achieve this look was to add blood splatter and brutal attrition, resulting in a very authentic Grimdark look.

    Each miniature has been painted with great skill, with an overall Ornate level, except for the Cultists at Game level and Khârn at Premium level. For the miniature bases, we used a combination of 3D printing and textures to create a bloodthirsty battle environment, with corpses and blood desolated by the passing of the army.

    In addition, we added battle damage details and aging effects to create a more realistic and raw look. We focused on contrasting the damaged armor with the metallic parts of machinery and trim, as this particular army did not have many light effects. However, we did include some in green to highlight some key elements.

    We heavily darkened the red color, creating shadows with lilac and violet tones. This brings out the shine of the metal parts and the blood splatter looks like a more vibrant red on the armor. In addition, the bases are filled with skulls and green mold to give an even more bloodthirsty and fearsome look. In short, this army of World Eaters is equal parts impressive and terrifying.


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    World Eaters Army

    Customer briefing

    I want to start a WE army

    When the renewal of the World Eaters was announced, I knew I had to have my own professionally painted army. After seeing your work on Play On Tabletop, I knew you guys were the ones to take on this project. I loved the aesthetics of your work and I can’t wait to see what you do with my army.

    Follow the original red and gold scheme, but with a sinister touch that makes them feel like real bloodthirsty and fearsome World Eaters. I want the miniatures to be well loaded with blood and the bases to reflect a bloody massacre, with skulls, corpses and much more. I’d also like you to add wear and tear on armor, weathering and burn effects on weapons and machinery.

    I’m sure that, with your talent and experience, you will be able to create something amazing with these miniatures and that they will be the envy of all my peers.

    World Eaters Army

    General photo of the project, combining our three levels



    Bloodthirsty daily follow-up

    One of the most exciting parts of this project was the work on the basing. After shuffling through several ideas, we decided to 3D print some skulls that we would integrate with other elements, such as urban rubble and pools of blood. As for the paint scheme, we followed the original with some tone variations.

    Our focus was on creating realistic weathering on the armor, with chipping effects in different shades on the red armor and scratches and wear on the gold trim. Once almost everything was finished, we only had to add some light effects and the most fun part began: filling it all with blood! We used the airbrush and brushes to create realistic blood effects, combining three different types of blood with different tones and densities to achieve a stunning result.

    World Eaters Army process

    World Eaters Army World Eaters Army World Eaters Army World Eaters Army World Eaters Army World Eaters Army World Eaters Army World Eaters Army World Eaters Army World Eaters Army World Eaters Army World Eaters Army World Eaters Army

    World Eaters Army: Exterminators

    Exterminators, painted in Ornate level

    World Eaters Army: Warpsmith

    Warpsmith, Ornate level

    World Eaters Army: Khârn the betrayer

    Khârn the betrayer, Premium level

    World Eaters Army: Berserkers

    Berserkers, Ornate level

    World Eaters Army: Berserker

    Berserker, painted Ornate

    World Eaters Army

    I am very satisfied; the miniatures look amazing. They have done a great job with the blood splatter.


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