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Cypher Lords Band

    Cypher Lords Band
    Color and paint schemes

    At Art-W Studio, we have just completed an incredible project: the “Cypher Lords” band from Warcry, one of the most intriguing factions of Chaos. This band is a true display of mastery in miniaturism.
    The commission included the complete assembly of the miniatures, some with magnetized equipment options for added versatility. We also 3D printed bits to adorn the bases, recreating a battle environment with ancient ruins and glowing rifts symbolizing the corruption of the dark gods.
    We were inspired by the color scheme of the official Warhammer box art: silver and gold armor, white and stunned robes, and magenta plumes. This scheme was applied to all the miniatures, with special attention to the Thrallmaster, whose outfit features a cape and additional decorations to underline his importance in the band.
    Every detail has been worked on at a premium level, from assembly to painting and base creation. We opted for a vibrant, clean finish, using saturated oils rather than dirt or rust effects. The result is a band that not only stands out for its colorfulness, but also for its thematic coherence and its representation of Chaos.
    This has been a special project, not only because it is the first time we have worked with the Cypher Lords, but also because Games Workshop plans to retire this band from their catalog. We feel fortunate to have been able to create these miniatures and are excited to share this work with our community.


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    Banda Cypher Lords

    Customer briefing

    Painting the darkness: the Cypher Lords project

    The client discovered us browsing Instagram, where he was fascinated by our posts of professionally painted miniatures. Convinced by our work, he contacted us with a specific request: to paint his “Cypher Lords” band from Warcry.
    He commissioned us to follow the color scheme of the official artwork, with silver and gold armor, white and turquoise robes, and magenta plumes. He wanted the miniature bases to recreate a battlefield with ancient ruins and glowing rifts, reflecting the corruption of Chaos.
    Client also requested that some of the miniatures be magnetized so that the weaponry could be changed. In addition, the Thrallmaster was to be highlighted with a more detailed cloak and ornamentation, reflecting his position as a leader.
    He asked us for a premium level of painting, making sure that each miniature was a work of art. We accepted the challenge with enthusiasm, eager to demonstrate our talent and dedication to this very special project.

    Banda Cypher Lords

    General picture of the project Premium level

    Cypher Lords of Warcry: an epic project

    All the process of creating the “Cypher Lords” has been detailed and exciting. Our painter Jordi, in charge of the project, decided to work on all the miniatures at the same time due to the uniform color scheme. He started by assembling one of the Mirrorblades and, after an initial sample approved by the client, proceeded with the assembly of the rest, including the magnetization of some armament options.
    Painting began with the skin areas, airbrushed for a clean finish. Then, we applied the bases of the white and aturquered clothing, and the metallic elements in silver and gold. We used saturated oils to give an extra vividness to the colors and, once the miniatures were defined, we added final details such as blood splashes on the weapons.
    The bases also received special treatment. We used 3D printed bits to recreate ancient ruins and added luminous cracks representing the corruption of Chaos.
    Daily, we sent progress photos to the client, keeping them informed and making sure each step met their expectations. The client’s satisfaction with each update was a constant motivation for us.

    Banda Cypher Lords

    Cypher Lords Band Cypher Lords Band Cypher Lords Band Cypher Lords Band Cypher Lords Band Cypher Lords Band Cypher Lords Band Cypher Lords Band Cypher Lords Band Cypher Lords Band Cypher Lords Band Cypher Lords Band Cypher Lords Band Cypher Lords Band

    Banda Cypher Lords

    Mirrorblade Premium

    Banda Cypher Lords

    Luminate, Premium

    Banda Cypher Lords

    Mindbound Premium

    Banda Cypher Lords

    Mindbound Premium

    Banda Cypher Lords

    Thrallmaster Premium

    Banda Cypher Lords

    Thanks a ton, it was a pleasure doing business with you guys. Please extend my thanks to the whole team.


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